Buddy program for International Students

Buddy Program for New International Students at Fulda University

It's not easy to start your studies in a different country! In order to make your transition into your studies eaier we invite you to participate in our buddy program, a project of the International Office at Hochschule Fulda. 


What exactly is the buddy program? 

We intend to facilitate your getting used to your new life and study in Fulda by matching you with an experienced student as your buddy. You can contact her or him even before your arrival and touch base about all your questions. 


What can I expect from my buddy? 

Your buddy will be there for you and offer support for your questions and problems that may come up during the first weeks and months. He or she will be there for you during the whole first semester. Not only will she or he be your gateway to the information you need, but also you will get the chance to learn about the German culture and make friends with Germans. 

Many of our experienced buddies have already lived and/or studied abroad and thus know how it feels at the beginning and which difficulties may come up. Some buddies come from other countries themselves and have all the strategies needed to make the transition. 


Who can join the program? 

First semester students who come from a country other than Germany and haven't previously studied at Fulda University are invited to register for the program.Most of our German buddies speak English, so you don't have to have German skills at the beginning. 


Is there any cost involved?

Your Buddy is a volunteer and does not get paid for the effort she or he makes. You in return won't be charged for the service. There may be a small fee for activities offered by the International Office. 


Will there be the chance to meet other students and their buddies? 

During the semester there will be some activities offered. We're looking forward to seeing you there, so you can meet other participants of the buddy program.


What do I have to keep in mind? 

Your buddy is a volunteer who is interested in meeting people from different countries and sharing her/his culture. You should give back to your buddy by showing real interest in her/his way of life and appreciate what she/he is doing for you. Be open. Ask questions. Share your culture. 
Your buddy is not a service assistant or a substitute teacher. While you two might enjoy practicing your language skills with each other, don't expect your buddy to teach German classes or write your term paper. 


How can I participate in the buddy program? 

If you'd like to participate, please fill in the registration form and send it back to us by Email, as early as possible. 

We're looking forward to your participation and hope that you will spend a rewarding and successful time at Fulda University! 


I have more questions. Who can help? 

If you have questions about the program, don't hesitate to ask Gesa Pusch, the international student advisor at the International Office.