Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences
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Prof. Dr. Armin Poggendorf

Business - Personnel Development - Team Dynamics - Team Training

Continuing Education and Consulting

  • Applied team dynamics – methods of training, facilitating and systemic integration of teams
  • Dynamics of associations: for successful meetings, workshops and conferences
  • Systemic Training in the team-dynamic-circle (link to PDF file)
  • Soft Skills: Training of key qualifications, social competence and emotional skills
  • Qualification of team and wellness trainers for: entertainment, presentation, motivation

Projects at the department

  • Goal: training of team and cooperative competences, training of project leaders and project teams
  • Methods: Interactive team dynamic circle (link to PDF file)

Area of Research:

  • Team dynamics and constellations of teams
  • Productive, social systems as “learning organisations”
  • Atmosphere for different life situations: eating, living, studying, working, relaxing, celebrating, discussing etc.
  • Business administration of hotel and catering industry
  • Wellness market; atmosphere for well-being as an important service component


  • Food and Beverage Management Association (FBMA)
  • German Wellness Association (DWV)
  • Foundation for Rationalizing and Innovations of the German Economy (RKW Hessen, Bayern)